BabyDoze is Proven Effective

Does BabyDoze work?

Compared to other methods of calming babies the effect is almost magical. Research has consistently shown impressive results. One major hospital trial in the UK showed that the recording calmed crying babies on 122 out of 124 occasions, usually in less than five minutes. Compared to a music box, and simple cuddling and talking by a mother, the intrauterine sound recording was described as significantly better at calming babies. Dr. David Haslam, the author of the internationally acclaimed book “Sleepless Children” has described such recordings as a most important and impressive breakthrough.


BabyDoze is proven effective

London UK Weekend Television: “Of all the products tested, the only one with consistent success was BabyDoze. The infants went straight to sleep. It was miraculous.”

BBC Radio: “Our experience with BabyDoze, inviting the mother of a crying infant to test BabyDoze over the air was an instant success. And a first for radio!”

A Time for Children: “After testing several methods of calming infants, BabyDoze worked best.”

Cow & Gate Report: “The Cow & Gate Report produced definite results about the effectiveness of BabyDoze as a relaxant and the intrauterine sounds worked significantly better than alternative methods of calming babies.”

Dr. David Haslam, Author of the internationally acclaimed book “Sleepless Children”: Where the recording is played regularly in the first few days of birth, the recording can remain effective up to 19 months.

A Japanese study reported on tests carried out on babies less than two weeks old reported that every one of the 403 crying infants was calmed within 41 seconds of the recording being started.

Midwives Chronicle & Nursing Notes: Out of 124 times the sound was used by 27 mothers, they found it to be effective in 98.4% of occasions.

Baby with BabyDoze
Beth Stokes, U.K. May 9/2012
Finally I have been able to use Babydoze and it worked! She was feeding, but kept going to sleep and chocking on the feed. I was fed up and wondered if Babydoze might help. I put it on and she had the best feed ever. She went to sleep normally after her feed and did not choke in the evening. I am now going to use it every evening feed. WOW!


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